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Damnit, Blizz!

Posted in WoW Observations with tags , , , , on October 15, 2008 by Mark Pannell

I woke up at about 8:00 am yesterday. The first thing that ran through my mind was, “nine hours left until I can check out patch 3.0.2.” Generally speaking, I don’t mind Tuesday maintenance. I have every Tuesday off from work. My wife works Monday through Friday, so Tuesdays are just for my son and me. But he usually takes a nap at around 1:00 pm. From 1:00 to 2:00, I usually knock out some household chores, leaving me about three hours for some WoW goodness. My boy usually sleeps til mommy gets home at 5:00, so my whole afternoon is usually an uninterrupted romp through Azeroth. In contrast, a 12 hour maintenance day sucks. A lot.

Since we just moved into a new house, we have plenty of unpacking and organizing to do, so I kept myself pretty busy most of the day. As a special treat for my son, we dropped mommy off at work in the morning, so we had to go get her at 5:00. I figured that should give Blizz plenty of time to get the servers back up and running. Wrong. Silvermoon didn’t even show up in the list of realms til nearly 6:00 pm. By then, Blizz had issued the statement that all realms should be up and playable by 6:00 pm EST. Wrong again. I finally logged into an Oceanic server, created a Human, and hauled ass into Stormwind to check out Stormwind Harbor. It was actually cooler than I had expected. I couldn’t believe how massive it was. Sadly, I’ll probably never lay eyes on Menethil Harbor again.

While roaming around Stormwind as one of about 500 level 1 Humans, I also got a free haircut. I’m pretty sure this was a glitch because the lowest priced haircut for Ellyza was around 10S this morning. At any rate, I was surprised to see some of the Blood Elf hair styles available for Human men. They actually looked kinda cool. Paired with a bushy goatee and a quick dye job, my throwaway Oceanic duder actually looked pretty sweet. Oddly, that was his name… Theduder. With a fresh set of locks, Theduder plopped down in the middle of a high traffic area to check out some of the new integrated features. I could see myself getting very dependant upon the new calendar.

The Achievements menu is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. I could see myself getting completely addicted to Achievements. When I logged into Devv this morning, she had three Feats of Strength, two of which are no longer attainable. The first title that I’ll be going after is “Ambassador.” Exalted in Darnassus, Devv has all of the remaining home factions most of the way through Revered. A little bit of low level questing, some cloth donations, and the miracle of rep spillover should put her over the top. I hate to QQ, but the rest of the Achievements with associated rewards, titles, or tabards all seem pretty time-consuming if not downright difficult. I’d really like to eventually earn the “Diplomat” title if for no other reason than to get some of the Old World rewards that come with Exalted status with the associated factions.

I wasn’t too pleased to discover that Bongos was no longer functional after the new patch. I’d gotten pretty attached to my interface. But I made the decision to customize the default Blizz UI to my liking for future-proofing reasons. I’m assuming that there will be a lot of patches coming until Wrath hits and beyond. If I have to re-configure my UI every time a minor patch drops, it’s gonna get pretty old. Using the Blizz default, I’ll be able to get into the game much quicker after each subsequent patch. Once the dual-spec patch drops, I’ll probably move back to a Bongos or Bartender-type customization tool.

So, onto the talent trees! The first time I logged into Devv, I attempted to assign all of her talent points with no success whatsoever. Every time I clicked on a talent, nothing happened. I wrapped myself up in this exercise in futility for about two or three minutes before the server crashed. Boooo! Shortly before bedtime, I finally got my points assigned. As a level 67 Mage, I went with a 7/51/0 Fire build. Living Bomb is probably pretty sweet. I couldn’t honestly tell you. As I was assigning all of my spells to action bars, the server crashed again. It never came up again before I went to bed. When I logged in this morning, I just took a quick peek at a couple things without leaving the safety of the inn. When I get home from work tonight, every mob within 100 yards of me and six yards of some buddies is going to be a Living… F’in… Bomb! I just need to make sure that I don’t get into too big of a hurry to slaughter the fine residents of Nagrand. The last time I made some UI adjustments, I completely forgot to assign Arcane Missiles. It bothered me so much that I couldn’t let it go. I scrolled through all of my action bar pages, searching for it frantically. In my desperate search, a provoked Talbuk Stag patiently went about killing me. Lesson learned: take your time customizing your action bars.