Movin’ On Up

I’m back, ya’ll! It’s been nearly ten months since my last post. If you kept up with my real life misadventures, you know I had a rollercoaster of a year. I took a five month sabbatical from WoW to focus on some family issues that I think are finally resolved. If you’re playing along at home, that means that I’ve been playing again for about five months without blogging about it. This probably cost me a few power gamer credibility points too. I actually let real life come before WoW. Craziness.

When I last checked in, I believe Devv was sitting somewhere in the neighborhood of 74 and Predatore had recently dinged 80. In the time that I was away from the game, twinking got bent over and dry-humped by Blizzard. Oh sure, you can still enjoy some twink on twink action… if you want to sit in queue for eleven days. So, Kaddisfly reluctantly made the symbolic gesture of dinging 20 in Warsong Gulch, kissing his crazy-expensive twink life goodbye. Dante… well, the little Rogue with a big heart hasn’t left Ironforge since 2008. And 2010 isn’t looking much better for him.

But 2009 wasn’t all bad. Ms. Devv hit level 80 in early August and hasn’t looked back since. I also welcomed a couple of new additions to the family this year. Frustrated by the time wasted in LFG waiting for a tank and healer (this was pre-3.3, mind you), I decided to take matters into my own hands. Tanking has never interested me. I’ve rolled three Paladins, leveled them to 10, then deleted them as I quickly lost interest in the class mechanics. Plus, tanking seems boring as Hell to me. But healing… well, that’s a horse of a different color. It seems challenging and fun, exciting and scary. With that in mind, I decided to roll me some healz!

I flirted with the idea of rolling another Priest. When I closed my second WoW account, Ellyza went down with the ship. Like an idiot, I created that account in my son’s name instead of my own. Thus, I couldn’t transfer her over. Same deal with my Hunter, Arpeggio, and my Shammy, Raulduke. As you’ll notice, none of those names are links to Armory pages. After much deliberation, I mailed all of their belongings to toons on my main account and deleted them, one by one. I know I didn’t have to delete them, but I wanted to make sure that I was never tempted to double my WoW budget by reactivating the account. It was painful.

Where was I? Oh yeah! So, I briefly flirted with the idea of rolling another Priest. And when I say “briefly,” I mean like… eleven seconds. While I truly enjoy leveling casters, I determined that I just don’t have the patience to get a Priest to 80. Leveling a Priest is a lot like driving a Ferrari that’s stuck in second gear until you find a perfectly straight road. Sure, they’re badass and they look supersweet, but it takes forever to kick things into high gear. How about a Pally healer? Scroll up two paragraphs. So what’s left? Droods and Shammies. I’ll take one of both, thank you! And so I did.

Meet Mezzanotte. As of this writing, she’s a level 74 Balance Druid with a Resto spec in her back pocket. I rolled the little lass the first week of September and she’s on pace to be level-capped sometime next week. That’s… kind of sad. I was amazed by how much Blizz nerfed the leveling process though. In addition to that little boost, her climb to 80 was also expedited by her big sister and brother. Her Heirloom chest, shoulders, trinkets, and staff took a bite out of the leveling timeline, no doubt. Also, by the time she dinged 30, she had enough gold sitting in the bank to buy her Epic Ground Mount and training, Dual Talent Specialization, her Flying Mount and training, a Tome of Cold Weather Flying, and Epic Flying. As soon as she dinged 70, Mezzanotte knocked out the Swift Flight Form questline and was zipping around the frozen tundra with reckless abandon. I realize that I could have waited one more level and just paid for the training, but I really wanted to experience the questline for myself. The Northrend leveling experience has been ridiculously easy with the gift of flight.

The day I created Mezz, I also rolled a Shaman. But Sciamano stalled at level 10 when I got completely addicted to the mechanics of the Druid class. Someday, my little Elementalist will join the ranks of his older siblings. But for now, he’s just a paper doll for his Heirloom chest, shoulders, and mace. When Mezzanotte reaches the big eight-oh, he’ll also inherit her trinkets. As much as I’d like to think that I’m not crazy enough to level two toons, back-to-back, that’s probably what will happen. With Mezzanotte’s Herbalism and Alchemy skills capped out, I’ve realized how nice it is to avoid the Auction House for my Flask and Potion needs. My little Shammy took on Mining and Jewelcrafting and I’d really rather not pay for gems for much longer. You know what that means.

Oh! I almost forgot something. Some of the denizens of Garrosh have asked what the names of my toons mean. Fair question. My dad’s side of the family is all Italian. Starting with Predatore, I began naming all of my toons in Italian. It’s pretty obvious what his name means. Drop the “e.” Mezzanotte is a mouthful that literally means “midnight.” Sciamano is Italian for “shaman.” Very original, I know. I’m not sure if I addressed it in the past, but Imbroglio, my lone Horde toon, means “a complicated mess.” He’s been stuck at level 22 for what seems like forever. Given my very strong dislike for the Horde, he may never reach 80.

Well, nine paragraphs seems like enough for my return to WoW blogging. I have another post in the works with some big changes to follow. This little corner of the Warcraft blogosphere has become inappropriately-named on all fronts. More on that and the correction are coming soon. And by “soon,” I don’t mean another ten months from now. Maybe nine. Don’t hold your breath. Use an Elixir of Greater Water Breathing instead. Aaaaaand…. cut!

2 Responses to “Movin’ On Up”

  1. HOLY CRAP welcome back!

  2. Mark Pannell Says:

    Thank you, sir! Funny thing is, when I first started playing again, I had to read up on what was going on in the Mage world. I didn’t head over to to catch up on Arcane Brilliance. I scoured Critical QQ and Elitist Jerks for all the info. You’re known for being one of the ultimate sources of Mage goodness. =)

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