In just over two days, I’ve caught more than 1000 fish. Both my Fishing and Cooking are now up to 300. Along the way, I caught Old Ironjaw, successfully fished from four of the five junk nodes needed for The Scavenger achievement, and got a lucky drop of Recipe: Tasty Cupcake while doing the PvP Daily Blackriver Skirmish in Grizzly Hills. Devv is still at 74. Predatore is still in greens and blues.

But the guild did run through Utgarde Keep last night, something Predatore had never done. With two 80 DK’s, a 75 Warlock, and a 66 Pally, it took us about ten minutes.

I’m getting ready to log in right now. When I do, I’ll be completing the Kalu’ak Dailies, farming some herbs, then resuming my Fishing/Cooking addiction. I’m not stopping until I get to 450, ya’ll. If you happen to be on Garrosh-US, hit me up for some Tasty Cupcakes. I’ll holler at ya’ll soon!


One Response to “Ridiculous”

  1. katabrie Says:

    Big Gratz still lokking to catch Old Ion jaw and I am top out 450 fishing .Have a grate day

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