Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

All but two of my toons on my two accounts are currently in the queue to move from Silvermoon (US PvE) to Garrosh (US PvE). That means about 24 to 48 hours of no WoW, but I’m OK with that. I’m so tired of one hour plus queue times that I’d rather sacrifice a day or two now than put up with it going forward. Yeah, so I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. I’ll have more brain droppings for ya’ll soon.


4 Responses to “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane”

  1. No wonder I’ve not seen much of you. I solved that issue by logging on earlier or play during the day! 🙂

  2. Luckily Cairne has a low, if any queue time.

  3. Good lord, an hour?

    And I thought fifteen to twenty minutes was bad.

  4. I tried to make an alt on Garrosh and it wouldn’t let me! 😦

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