Going Public

That’s right, ya’ll! We’re going public! Up to this point, I’d been writing this here blog for a handful of readers and for my own personal amusement. As such, some of my prior posts are incomplete thoughts. Most notably is my Bringing Down the Headless Horseman post. Great title for an entry about burning down the HH. Unfortunately, I never finished the thought. A couple of posts are rather disconnected like that. But no more, my friends! We’re going public! Well, sort of.

There are a ton of great WoW blogs out there, but only a handful of blogs from the Mage perspective. I’m an avid reader of the few good Mage blogs that I’ve discovered. My favorites are Armaggedon’s Coming, Critical QQ, The Pink Pigtail Inn, and Arcane Blaster. This past week, I emailed the writers of those blogs asking for return links if they found this blog to be interesting. I’ve already received the blessings of a couple of them, so I guess this little blog is no longer a private affair. A special thank you to my fellow bloggers for their kindness.

With that part out of the way, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least touch on some game content. Devv hasn’t been up to much the last couple of days. She took one last shot at the Headless Horseman’s mount on Friday before the festivities came to a close. No dice. But I was happy to see the Sinister Squashling and the Hallowed Helm drop for two ladies in my group who needed them. Before our fifth summon, a party member declared that she just wanted to see one of us get the mount. She didn’t even care if it was her anymore. I think that statement is indicative of the overall attitude toward this world event. I think maybe people are getting excited for Wrath or something because players seem to be treating each other much more respectfully. People in HH PUG’s genuinely seem happy for each other when a needed item drops. When I still needed the Hallowed Helm, I lost the roll to a party member, then saw that they had just completed that achievement. I congratulated him without an ounce of resent. It made me happy to see a fellow player happy. It felt like good karma when I picked up the Hallowed Helm for myself on the next summon.

I honestly hope that everyone continues to “play nice” when Wrath drops. My fear is that people will be fighting over mob spawns in the DK starting area and all of Northrend. But I can’t get too far ahead of myself. I really need to start gathering some Necrotic Runes while I still can. I wants me that tabard! I need something fancy and new in place of my blank gray guild tabard. That’s right, I /gquit. It took quite a bit for me to pull the trigger, but I finally decided that it was the right thing for me to do… for me.

There was very little fanfare. I made the decision to withdraw 100G before I split. That was the amount of my initial investment to buy a Bank Tab for the guild. Since then, I deposited countless mats and armor pieces as well as a good chunk of gold. Unlike many of my guildmates, I rarely withdrew funds for repairs. About 95% of the time, I footed the bill for my own repairs, only depending on the guild when my damages were incurred running instances with guildies. I decided that the funds and items that I had deposited should remain as they were placed there for everyone’s use. I had wrestled with the idea of withdrawing the original 100G. A quick peek at the bank log showed a guildie withdrawing 100G earlier in the week. It’s questionable as to whether or not she had ever deposited that much in her time with us. As such, I decided that my little chunk of change would be leaving the guild with me. Since then, none of my former guildies have made any attempt to talk to me. That detail only serves to reinforce my belief that I did the right thing. 

Cliche or not, every ending is a new beginning. With Wrath just around the corner, my main being a free agent, and the gap between my greens and blues and seasoned veterans’ purples about to close in Northrend, the game is about to be as exciting as its ever been for me. I hope some of you can come along for the ride. I’ll try to make sure I finish my posts from now on and not leave things hanging in the middle of a…


One Response to “Going Public”

  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere, dear fellow mage. There are a couple of more good mage blogs out there. Frost is the New Black and Spicytuna are the ones that comes first into my mind. Not to be missed! And Automagica, if he’ll ever decide to go back to blogging. Hm… Electronic Escape is a mage too. And Just another mage blog. Check out my blogroll and you’ll find a few more. I just don’t remember them all at once.

    We used to be few, but the last few months mages have grown stronger in the Blogosphere in my opinion.

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