End of an Era

I’ve got a lot to think about tonight. I’m very seriously considering quitting my guild and transferring servers. Lately, I’ve been waiting 10-15 minutes to log in and I can only imagine the wait will increase when Wrath drops. If Horgath finally decides to take the plunge himself, I’ll definitely do it. I don’t want to go alone and the two of us had every intention of being two-thirds of a 3v3 team.

Even if I don’t switch realms, I’ll probably still /gquit when I log in tonight. Our guild was started by three friends who considered ourselves equals. There was one GM out of necessity only. If all three of us could have been the GM, we would have been. The other night, our GM promoted one of her alts all the way up to Officer, then to GM. A few minutes later, she /gquit and logged out. She had mentioned that she was eventually going to leave the guild to join a raiding guild, but the way she did it was kind of a slap in the face. There were no goodbyes and she didn’t even have the courtesy to offer the GM role to either of the other two founding members. Passing the helm of a guild to a rarely active alt is, in my opinion, disrespectful. The only decision that I need to make now is whether or not to withdraw the funds that I’ve deposited. There’s really no reason to leave them there as there are so few remaining active members. Either way, it’s the end of an era


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