Random Thoughts from the Lull

Wrath comes out in two weeks. I’m not happy with my gear, but there’s not enough time left to justify upgrading now. So, I’m running around in a mixture of greens, blues, and purples. Lately, my days have been spent completing Hallow’s End achievements, grinding rep with the home factions, and doing dailies.

Assuming the rumors about the flimsy mask requirement going away are true, I’ll be Devv The Hallowed when Patch 3.0.3 drops. I hung out in Southshore for a good chunk of last night, hoping for a Horde stink bomb to give me the opportunity to tick off another of the prerequisite achievements. To break the monotony, I jumped into AV a couple times. I needed the G.N.E.R.D. Rage achievement anyhow. I assumed that I would get my ass handed to me by those in their Season 2+ gear. Sometimes, that was true. But I still managed to rack up about 65 HK in two outings. Another Hallow’s End achievement conquered. When I got back to Southshore, a low level toon mentioned that he had a Horde friend who was about to do the stink bomb quest. There was some question as to whether or not more than one person could get credit for it. To minimize competition, five of us partied up to do it together. The other four waited on the road north of town. Meanwhile, a level 70 BE Mage snuck in from the east. Nobody paid any attention as I neutralized one of the three stink bombs. Mission accomplished. I stuck around to ensure the others got theitr achievement too, then it was off to Loch Modan to try to knock out a little more Gnomer rep.

With four of the five home factions sitting at Exalted (I wrapped up Exodar a couple days ago), I set my sights on the elusive Gnomer rep. I started the week with over 10,000 to get to Exalted. When I went to bed last night, that number was down to 7000. I’m getting close, but not close enough to buy my way there with Runecloth. It’s funny to see odd numbers of Gnomer rep display whenever I do a quest in one of the other home zones. Since they’re all 999/1000 Exalted, I get the message “Your reputation with Gnomeregan Exiles has increased by 62” or some other arbitrary number. Normally, spillover rep wouldn’t be displayed. But since the main factions are already maxed out, it’s apparently displaying the only remaining faction to gain rep. I’m starting to get nervous that Gnomer won’t be at Exalted before Wrath. If that’s the case, I’m afraid it never will be.

While I’m thinking of rep, what the hell is this new Alliance rep? The first time I saw it, I thought maybe it was just the new way to display rep going to all of the home factions. But after my second quest that granted Alliance rep, I got the message, “You are now Friendly with the Alliance.” Huh? There’s no “Alliance” faction under my Reputation tab. I can only assume that this is something that will be implemented and tracked in a future patch. I will say this: my rep with the Scryers really went by the wayside. I was so excited to declare my allegience and start doing quests when I dinged 60, but I’ve done very little since. It’s odd that I’m Exalted with a faction that I hadn’t even heard of (Kurenei) when I chose Scryers and they’re still at Neutral.

So, for the next couple days, I’ll be trick or treating and jumping in on Headless Horseman runs for that elusive mount. After that, I’ll go back to grinding out Gnomeregan rep with hopes of being “Ambassador Devv” by November 13th. I’d like to be “Diplomat Devv” as well, but I think that’s going to be back burnered. In two weeks, I’ll be focused on leveling to 80. Once there, I’ll be working on gaining enough Honor/Arena Points for my PvP gear.


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