Bringing Down the Headless Horseman

So, I got in on the Hollow’s End festivities a little late. I’m not sure why I was so nonchalant about the event. I picked up 3G 75S whenever I stopped by an inn, but I never made any kind of effort to do the rest of the quests or achievements. It’s finally dawned on me that if I flew to all of the inns, I could make a couple hundred gold. Achievement or no achievement, that’s a substantial amount of coin. I made my rounds of Kalimdor first, flying in the most efficient manner possible to maximize my profit. I off the continent with Azuremyst Isle and grabbed another Epic Elekk toward my mount achievement while I was there. It didn’t take me as long to knock out Eastern Kingdoms as I had been traveling around there a lot lately. Outlands is still on the agenda, but I don’t have all of the flight paths yet so that will require a little more time.

Since I was already banging out some prerequisites, whether for the achievements or for profit, I figured I might as well take a peek at what else I would need to do to get a fancy title. I quickly knocked out the pumpkinhead achievement. With a Sinister Squashling already in my stable from a treat bag, I started hitting the innkeepers up every hour in hopes of the Hallowed Helm. We’ll see how it goes.


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