Exalted, Exalted, and… Exalted

I finally got to Exalted status with the Kurenei this week. As I turned in the last of my Obsidian Warbeads, a green swirl surrounded me. My first act as a Kurenei Exalted Draenei Mage was to head on over to the Quartermaster to purchase a tabard and a Talbuk. As much as I wanted to knock out the prerequisites for the “Diplomat” title, I just couldn’t stand the idea of grinding Naga in Sporregar. Since Darnassus is the only home faction that I’ve raised to Exalted, I decided to get the other four out of the Revered slump.

I’d been sitting about 2000 shy of Exalted with Ironforge for quite some time now, but I was much more interested in upping my Stormwind rep for the ponies. So I went about all of the starting zone quests to bump things up a bit. After knocking out all of the Goldshire quests (including the puzzling ability to do the “Wanted: Hogger” quest for the second time), I was still coming up a few thousand short of Exalted status. To make matters worse, IF and Gnomer rep didn’t budge, meaning I got zero spillover rep from all of my questing for some reason. Either way, I needed to get creative or it was all for nothing. With Benjamins, my bank alt, sitting on a ton of Runecloth, I donated the Silk and Mageweave to get me to that point, then donated about 25 stacks of Runecloth. I was still about 700 away from Exalted. I flew my happy ass to Burning Steppes and started hunting Ogres for their sweet, sweet Runies. My math was a little suspect as I came back one stack short of Exalted. I finally just flew out to Redridge Mountains and did one easy quest to put me over the top.

Stormwind brought my total Exalted home factions to two with Ironforge sitting a couple thousand short and Exodar and Gnomer still around 8000 away. I knocked out the IF starting zone quests that I had missed/skipped when Devv made the move from Azuremyst Isle to Dun Morogh. That brought me to just shy of Exalted. I kissed my convictions goodbye and bought enough Runecloth at the AH to put me over the top. With Darn, IF, and SW in the bag, I still had a lot of work to do on Exodar and Gnomer. Yeah, yeah… I know. How am I Exalted factions that aren’t my race’s homeland? As I alluded to before, I transplanted myself from Azuremyst Isle, where I knew absolutely nobody, to Dun Morogh at about level ten-ish. With most of my work buddies hearthing to IF, they were nearby if I needed help. On the bright side, that leaves a lot of starting zone quests to knock out to help get my rep up. I pulled up Exploration in the Achievements tab yesterday to see how much of Azuremyst Isle I’d discovered. I was surprised to find that I had discovered less than half of it.

Gnomer is another story entirely. After knocking out SW and IF, I went into Tinkertown to grab all of the Gnomer quests that I had never done and headed down into that God-forsaken place. For about an hour’s work, I only racked up about a thousand rep. I’ve gotta figure something out quick. If not, I would have to donate close to 94 stacks of Runecloth to get me over the top. I can’t see myself grinding Ogres for 2000 pieces of Runecloth and there’s no way in Hell I’m dropping that kind of gold in the AH just to be referred to as “Ambassador Devv.”


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