The Next 22 Days

So now that I’m 70 and inching ever closer to Exalted with Kurenei, I have to figure out what to do next. Priority one needs to be clearing out my quest log. I have 24 open quests, rendering it impossible to do all of my dailies without running back and forth. Once I get Kurenei to Exalted, my plan is to head back into Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, and Terokkar Forest to wrap up all of the open quests that I have there. Then, I need to spend some quality time in Shadowmoon Valley, completing all of those quests for gold.

Once all of the Outlands zones are clear, I have a very specific game plan. When I first log in every day, I’ll do dailies. I need to get comfortable with them eventually. After that, I’ll head back to Zangarmarsh to grind out my rep with Sporregar. If I’m ever to complete the achievement, I’m going to need to kill me some Naga. To complete the trifecta, I’ll head back to the mainland and grind out some Timbermaw Hold rep. With any luck, I’ll be Exalted with all three factions within the next three weeks and be known as “Diplomat Devv” before Wrath hits. If that’s the case, then my next step will be to go back to the Stormwind and Exodar starting zones to get all of the home factions the rest of the way through Revered to Exalted. I like having the option of going by ”Ambassador Devv” from time to time.


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