What to Do with a Month

I’m almost there. I’m standing here halfway through 69, right in the shadows of 70. I can almost reach the brass ring. But the closer I get, the more I realize that the “brass” is just tin foil wrapped around a chocolate ring. Tasty, sure… but not the destination I’d been longing to reach. Instead, I can see the “real” brass ring about five miles down the road. Bah! So what’s a newly-minted 70 to do? As a Tailor, I finally knocked out my Becoming A Spellfire Tailor quest. But does it really do me any good? Am I going to be killing four day cooldowns to get enough Spellcloth to make my set only to replace all three pieces with Northrend greens in the first few days of Wrath? I guess what I’m saying is, now what?

I think the most logical use of my time would be to do dailies or incomplete quests to raise enough gold for my flying mount. That’s one thing that seems to be exempt from becoming obsolete with the onset of Wrath. My inital plan was to grind rep to get the full Evoker’s Silk set to start earning enough Honor and marks for my purples. But is my Lower City Honored status really going to mean anything a month from now? I’ll have some level 70 PvP blues that won’t look too impressive compared to world drops. Granted, at some point, I’d like to go back and grind my rep with all of the “home” and Outlands factions to Exalted. But what is going to be the best use of anybody’s time in the interim? I think the answer to that question really lies in what people hope to get out of the game.

I started this post without an answer, but as I write, I think it’s coming to me. I want a Cobalt War Talbuk. Regardless of the changes coming in Wrath, I’d like that to be my land mount. With that in mind, grinding honor with the Kurenei won’t be a waste of time even if all of the other faction rewards become obsolete on November 13th. I’m sitting just short of Revered status with those fellas, so grinding to Exalted shouldn’t take much more than knocking off some Ogres for their Warbeads. Along the way, I should be racking up enough Netherweave to top off all of my Netherweave bags with their Imbued Netherweave big brothers. Those eight slots are going to make a difference in a brand new world where Auctioneer Advanced throws up it’s hands and says, “I have no idea what that is or what it would sell for.”


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