That Was Fun, Ghetto-Hearth, Repeat

As I mentioned in my last post, I led a very bad selection of characters into Blood Furnace. Two Hunters, two Mages, and a non-tanking Warrrior can only be described as exactly what you don’t want to take into Blood Furnace. If you’re looking for a DPS-fest, look no further. But if you want to make it past the first boss without a wipe, you’ve got the wrong group.

We entered the instance and met two level 61 elite trash mobs. Our level of efficiency in dispatching them was incredible. Unfortunately, it gave us an unrealistic idea of what was to come. The first evidence of a poor long-term outlook was the fact that we all had to sit down to eat and drink… after killing two trash mobs. We worked our way to the steps in the same manner. Getting adds from bad pulls resulted in our first death, our non-tank tanking Warrior. We moved to the steps as he ran back from the Honor Hold GY. We made it up the steps with little resistence.

At the top of the steps, I accidentally pulled a mob out of a Freeze Trap with a Fireball and Kotasky kept sheeping a target under a Hunter’s Mark. She literally sheeped the mob three times as both of the hunters and their pets attacked it. With its health meter regenerating three times, it took a fair deal of mana for the rest of us to burn him down. In the interim, Horgath dinged 63. Rather than staying focused on the next group, he decided to allocate the talent point that he gained from the level up. The other hunter pulled three mobs, trapping one and pulling aggro on herself rather than her pet from the other two. Seeing the mayhem unfolding, Kotasky started casting on one of the approaching mobs before either of the hunters’ pets could hold aggro.

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