Two Down, Two to Go

Last night, Ellyza dinged 18. She now has points spread across all three trees. Something that occurred to me as I was distributing them last night is that Disc Priests get very little press. Shadow and Holy are the rock stars of the class. But I’ll be damned if Discipline doesn’t have some interesting talents. I may have to re-think my leveling spec for her.

Last night was kind of fun for me. Despite the fact that I hate Auberdine, I wound up enjoying my questing quite a bit. I quickly discovered that I wouldn’t have to do as many quests to get to 18 as I had originally planned. So I wound up getting pretty selective, abandoning any quest that I found to be cumbersome. I shot through the forests and hills of Auberdine, ending the misery of Rabid Thistle Bears and stalking Moonstalkers. I racked up some nice rep with Darnassus in the process. I’ll follow the same process as Devv, getting Exalted with Darnassus before I reach 60 so my first Epic will be a Stormsaber. Draenei just look so much cooler on those cats than dumpy Elekks.

As I wandered about Darnassus, I came across several Night Elves in their mid teens. With a ton of low level mats at my disposal, I offered to do some enchants on just about every toon I came near. Many were quite appreciative of my efforts, one even tipping me 1G. Now I know that doesn’t sound like much, but 1G is a nice chunk of change for a level 18 on a separate account from my main. It easily paid for all of her level 18 training and repairs with about 50S left to bank.

I wound up going to bed relatively early last night. I figured that if I could get Ellyza through two-and-a-half levels in an evening, I could easily get her to 20 tonight. Then the chills set in. A little while later, I felt some congestion building up and dripping into my throat. Booooo! So, I might not get Ellyza to her magic number this evening, but I’m sure it will be soon. The family is moving into a new house on Friday, so I need to kick this thing in the next five days. That said, my WoW time will probably give way to naps if this thing takes hold of me like the last cold did. If my next update is a few days off, you’ll know that the Zicam didn’t quite cut it.

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