Ding! Ding! Ding!

Six days ago, I posted my first entry here. At that time, Devv was sitting at level 62 with maximum rested XP. This week, the ol’ girl and I tore through Outlands. In the process, she dinged 63, 64, 65, and now, 66. I had always heard what a grind it was to get from 60 to 70. I understand that it’s gotten a little easier in the past few months, but even recently, I’ve heard friends complain about knocking out those last ten levels. So far, I’ve gotta say that it’s been pretty quick and enjoyable. I’m sure that having a level and a half of rested XP expedited things. Which is why she’s nestled comfortably in Shattrath City at the moment.

I made a short-lived pact with myself that Devv would remain resting until the next patch is released. With a substantial reduction in the XP required to level from 60 to 70 coming soon, it made sense to hold off. But I just couldn’t keep her pent up anymore. And somehow or another, she shot up four levels in the past six days. At least now I can claim some sort of pseudo-elite status, complaining about how much easier the next group of toons has it. Heh.

If nothing else, this post should serve as a testament to the benefits of rested XP. I dinged four times without burning up everything I had. I’m sure this trick only works for questers. Grinders will burn through that rested XP in… well, a level and a half. But due to gathering 10K to 12K XP per quest and letting her rest while I was sleeping, working, and playing with my son, she still isn’t completely tapped out. And now, she’s chillin’ near the Scryers Bank. I need to get her back up into the inn. But for now, it’s better than nothing.

While eeking closer to 70 is exciting, what really got my blood flowing this week was getting Tailoring to 375/375. I’ve been sitting on exactly the right number of Bolts of Imbued Netherweave and Rune Thread to get me from 365 to 375. I was just waiting on Netherweb Spider Silk. At around 10G a piece at AH, I wasn’t about to buy my way through. When I started questing Terrokar Forest this week, the Silk started rolling in. What I forgot was that the patterns that could get me to 375 both yellow out at 370. So as Devv got the magic fingers going, I watched intently… 371, 372, 373… nothing…. 374. Doh! There was no way in hell that I was going to allow this to happen. I busted ass over to the IF AH to grab some more Arcane Dust. I had plenty of Netherweave and Netherweb Spider Silk. I just needed four more Bolts of Imbued Netherweave. Mana Loom… damnnit! A quick Teleport to Shatt and a Stormsaber ride to the Lower City and I was in business. It didn’t really occur to me what I would do if this attempt didn’t get me to 375 either. With no AH in Shatt, I’d have to go back to IF and start the whole thing over. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Her second attempt at 375 was a success.

With Devv’s Tailoring maxed out, it occurred to me that I was standing right in front of all of the specialists with 375 patterns for sale. I dropped 15G on the patterns for Primal Mooncloth Bags and the 28-slot Soul Pouches and Enchanting Bags. I started looking at the mats I’d need to craft all of these goodies. With a little more Arcane Dust, I could easily make myself a Primal Mooncloth Bag or two. Questing in Outlands and poaching the Darkmoon Faire has provided me with a nice collection of Primals. I have two 16-slot bags full of high level greens and blues that need a 225 Enchanter to disenchant into Arcane Dust and other goodies. So, let’s recap. Devv is just about out of rested XP and happily situated at level 66. Ellyza has been at 14 for a few weeks with maximum rested XP and Enchanting level-capped at 150. At level 20, she can get her Enchanting up to 225. See my next move?

Last night, Ellyza made her way back to Auberdine and started back down the questing trail. In the hour before I went to bed, she got all the way through 14 and about 65% of the way through 15. I’ll have her at 17 or 18 before I call it a night tonight. I’d like to have her at 20 within the next few days so I can get Devv some much-needed Arcane Dust, freeing up 32 bag slots in the process. With any luck, Devv will have enough rested XP to get to 67 by then. After that, she’ll be stabled in Shatt until she gets full rested XP again. While Devv is napping, Ellyza will go about leveling up her Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid. She’s the first toon I’ve ever created to really do the Secondary Professions right. All three of them are level-capped at 150/150.

The only cloud looming over my head right now is that I hate questing in Auberdine. It’s one of the reasons that I gave up on leveling Dantei. Combined with the fact that I lost interest in playing a Rogue, he’s been stuck at 20 for months now. It’ll be my third time leveling from 14 to 20 in that zone. It’s just so long and narrow that it takes forever to get from one quest to the next. Square footage-wise, I don’t think it’s any bigger than the zones before or after it. But it’s long as hell. That and the quests are so dependant on drops that seem to have the worst drop rates in the game. I think the drop rate for Netherweb Spider Silk in Terrokar Forest is better than Strider Meat in Auberdine.

But once I knock out the Auberdine quests, I’ll be at the point in the game where things start to get fun: level 20. Between learning new skills, unlocking the next set of profession content, and moving onto one of my favorite zones, Ashenvale, 20 is where I really start getting hooked again. Plus, there are little landmarks along the way that keep the grind to 70 from seeming unbearable. With the first riding mount just 10 levels away, leveling from 20 to 30 is quite enjoyable. Around 20 to 22, I’d like to go into DM and try my hand at healing. Ellyza was rolled specifially to be spec’d Holy. But what I’m finding is that it would be a lot easier to level her Shadow. I’m sure I’ll drop some serious gold changing her specs back and forth. Holy will probably remain an instance-only spec until she dings 70. Fearing shit away and running like Forrest Gump when I get into a bind is just too damned fun. Sudden end to post… now!


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