Can’t Turn Back Time

As I was running Devv through some quests in Zangarmarsh today, I finally achieved Friendly status with Sporregor. I took a quick peek at what their Quartermaster had to offer and immediately began drooling over the pattern for a 28-slot Herbalism bag. The price? Twenty-five measly Glowcaps! Oh… and Exalted status with Sporregor. Boooo! Throughout my questing, I acquired a shit-ton of Unidentified Plant Parts. When I made the trek back to turn them in, I decided to pay the Cenarion Expedition Quartermaster a visit. Amongst his wares was a ring that I immediately fell in love with. The pitfall? It requires Revered status with the Cenarion Expedition. Boooo!

Now, I know that this area is new as of BC. But I sometimes really wish I could turn back the clock and start playing WoW four years ago. I’ve learned so much the hard way that by the time I figure things out, it’s often too late. A perfect example: As I pushed from level 50 to 60, I knew that I wanted my Epic land mount to be a Stormsaber. I knew that it required Exalted status with Darnassus, but I didn’t really have a solid game plan to get there. So as I dinged 59, I ported my happy ass to Darn and hustled off to the Night Elf starting zone, Dolanaar. I worked my way back west to Darnassus, completing literally every quest along the way. When it was all said and done, I still had to do some of the repeatable Un’Goro Soil quests to get up to Exalted. Had I known the game better, I would have put together a more efficient game plan to get to Exalted over the course of leveling to 60.

So, here I sit in Outlands. I want some Cenarion Expedition goodies. I want some Sporregor goodies. I want to level to 70. And I want Kaddisfly to own in the 10-19 bracket of WSG. And I don’t have time to do it all. Well, technically I do since nobody is putting a deadline on when these things need to be achieved. But I want them all now. Had I started playing four years ago, many of my goals would have already been achieved. Hell, I’d probably be achieving these goals with my tenth or eleventh alts! But I find myself in the same predicament. Do I jump over to Thottbot and figure out how to increase my rep with CE? Or do I grind Sporregor rep and let CE get there organically? And how does leveling play into the mix? I’m sure I’d rack up a decent amount of XP grinding rep for either faction, but in my push to 70, I’m sure I’d wind up skipping some pretty good questing areas and rewards if I no longer needed their associated XP. Bah!

I guess what I want more than time is the knowledge and experience that usually comes with time. If I knew which items would have the biggest and best impact on my endgame play, I’d know which paths to take. I’m certain that when I level my next toon to 70, I’ll do it much more efficiently and intelligently. Sadly, it’ll probably be a Mage as it’s hard for me to imagine the 40’s and 50’s as anything else.

Raulduke is looking more and more like a twink. With Blackened Defias Armor and Serpent Shoulders already in his bank, it wouldn’t take much to make a badass out of him. And given the shortage of Shaman in the 10-19 bracket, he could make a decent FC in WSG. I would consider doing the same thing with Ellyza, but her Enchanting is sitting at 150/150 with an assload of mats for enchants that are still red in her little bag of tricks. Letting her ding 20 benefits everyone in my roster of toons. And speaking of benefiting everyone, if I do halt Raul at 19, he’ll be an Engineer/Leatherworker. At that level, he can craft Green Tinted Goggles, Crafted Heavy Shot, Deviate Scale Belts, and Dark Leather Pants, essentially making him a twink factory. Dantei will eventually leave the safety of Ironforge as an Engineer/Skinner, depending upon Devv for his Engineering mats and supplying Kaddisfly with his Leatherworking mats. Whilst visiting the majestic sites of the major cities, he’ll be cranking out Minor Recombobulators and Accurate Scopes, applying the latter to all of the Venomstrikes and Lil Timmy’s Peashooters that the fine peeps of Silvermoon can throw at him.

Holy shoot! I’ve drifted really far away from the purpose of this post. I guess we’ll call it a wrap with that startling discovery!

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