Gorgath – My Partner in Crime, My Other Gold Sink

Kaddisfly has been leveling and accumulating armor and enchants to the point where I’d consider him to be 90% twinked. I recently started talking about twinking with the co-worker who originally persuaded me to play WoW. He had a level 10 Human Priest when I first started talking about sending Kaddisfly into the 10-19 WSG bracket for the rest of his life. Within a matter of days, my buddy decided that Gorgath the Priest would be joining me on my twinking adventures. We started sharing tips and drop locations and using our mains to run each other’s twinks through instances. I became as aware of his gear needs as my own. And that’s where I went wrong.

I knew that he had been farming for Staff of the Friar for several days. While there were always a couple available on AH, they wanted around 100G for them. Crazy. So when a poor soul offered one up in Trade Chat, I whispered him for the price. He asked me to make an offer. I shot 50G at him and he shot back 55G. Sold! So now I had a staff that I didn’t need and 55G less than when I started the day. Back in the safety of SW, I mailed it to Gorgath.

The next day, I went into RFK to find some more BoE cloth items for Ellyza. The third mob in the entrance dropped Sanguine Sandals. That’s right. I said the entrance. I hadn’t even made it into the instance yet. I knew that I could sell those bad boys for a pretty penny. But I also knew that Gorgath needed them. So, I begrudgingly mailed them to him.

All things considered, I’m probably 100G in the hole. But on the bright side, having at least one co-conspirator is almost a necessity to have any success in the 10-19 bracket of WSG. As the most over-twinked BG, everyone is running around trying to rack up HK’s. At least a healer and flag carrier can start to make an impact on the outcome. Ideally, we’d like to have a Druid carry the flag for us, leaving Gorgath to heal and Kaddisfly to CC and slow chasers. I met up with a twinked Druid named Babyomax the other day who seems to be down with the idea. We’re on our way. I just hope I don’t go broke in the process.


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